Memory Slide Shows

Bring in your photos, slides, movies and videos.  We will put them together for a memory slide show.  We will work with you to make title slides, add captions and animations to enhance your show.  Your favorite songs can be added to highlight the video.  This can also be put on a continuous loop to be played over and over during your special event.

A memory slide show is as easy as 1,2,3,4.

  1. Sort your photos, slides etc. into the order you want them in the video. 
  2. Number each photo with a sticky note on the back.  Never write directly on the photo. 
  3. Choose the music you want to go with each set of photos. 
  4. Bring the whole bundle to Long-Shots Video and let us put it together.  We will electronically color enhance, crop and/or repair your photos to make them look their best.

Memory slide shows may be used at:

• Weddings    
• Anniversaries
• Birthdays
• Graduations
• Funerals/Memorials
• Reunions